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Skincare Packaging

Selling the most complete cosmetic packaging

 We sell the most complete and cheapest cosmetic packaging in Indonesia. Cosmetic packaging plays an important role as a container or packaging for face and body care products, which provides a special attraction for its customers, especially women. Cosmetic packaing must be adjusted to the product for sale. Branding also has a fairly central role. Brands can be printed on cosmetic packaging in certain sizes.

In general, cosmetics are equipment that is mandatory for a woman. Give face makeup that supports appearance. Cosmetics there are many kinds and varieties such as powder, lipstick, perfume, eyeliner, eyeshadow and so forth. Unique and attractive cosmetic packaging will increase the attractiveness of buyers. We, PT. Universal Jaya Perkasa provides various packaging products for cosmetics, including:

 - Air Cushion Packaging

 - Lipgloss Tube Packaging

 - Compact Powder Case

 - Loose Powder Case

 - Serum Bottle

 - Airless bottle

 - Cosmetic Jar

 - Mascara Case

 - Eyeliner Case

 - Cosmetic Packaging Sets

 - Roll On

Cosmetics packaging prices vary depending on, type, model and size. Our cosmetic packaging products have been widely used for the cosmetic and facial care industries, both large and small scale. Have quality and guaranteed quality so that it can be used for a long service life.

Please contact us for detailed info.

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